Heritage Community Services

Founded in 1995, Heritage Community Services' programs utilize The Heritage MethodSM, a logic model that addresses the risky behavior of adolescents from the perspective of changing the behavior that is causing the problem rather than dealing with the consequences of the risky actions. Our goal is to increase the knowledge, skills and commitment related to the formation of stable, healthy families.

Heritage Group

A Study on Abstinence and its Critics

Heritage of Kentucky

Heritage Group

Heritage of KY began in July 2002 with a private grant from Gerard Health Foundation. Since that time we have served over 15,000 students and an additional 5,000+ parents, teachers, faith and community leaders in developing, promoting and understanding the value and importance of Character development and Abstinence outside of marriage. In October 2005 we received a 3-year Community Based Abstinence Education grant from Health and Human Services through the Administration for Children and Families. Our desire is to continue to reach more communities through students and those who impact and influence them with this life-changing program.

In addition, Heritage of KY will provide services for Marriage, Family and Parenting classes, seminars, retreats and trainings in conjunction with the Heritage Method © with additional information for Churches, Faith-based and other organizations as requested and resources are available. These will consist of 1, 2 or 3-day presentations ranging from one hour classes to as much as eight hours of materials and activities presented in the longer offerings.

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